Top 50 Us And Global Third Party Logistics 2020

US logistics companies

We offer a variety of transportation services to get your product delivered where it needs to be on your deadline and your busget. Formerly known as KeepTruckin, Motive is an innovator in the fleet management space, offering trucking and shipping companies management software to track their cargo and drivers, maintaining safety and efficiency. Their comprehensive product suite, which includes dashcams, GPS trackers, and fuel maintenance technology, provides shipping companies with the tools necessary to secure their shipments and keep their customers happy. Logistics companies assist in every stage of the supply chain, including the movement and storage of goods, services or information.

J.B Hunt Transport Services is a great choice for businesses that need domestic logistics services. They offer advanced technology to expand your company’s capacity to deliver while creating value for customers. PBD Worldwide is a midsize Alpharetta, Georgia-based air freight company. They specialize in air freight, freight forwarding, fulfillment, and logistics & supply chain consulting and were established in 1976. The large team provides insurance services & brokers, logistics & supply chain consulting, and ocean freight.

The supply chain integration ofwarehousing operationsand transportation services has become what we now call third-party logistics. Logistics & supply chain consulting company Whiplash was launched in 2008. Whiplash specializes in logistics & supply chain consulting, fulfillment, and custom software development. Freight forwarding company DVL Express Inc is located in Markham, Illinois. The midsize team offers freight forwarding, trucking, and warehousing & distribution and was founded in 2011. Since 1931, Brauner International has been specializing in customs brokerage and freight forwarding.

How To Choose The Best 3pl Company

Browse descriptions, feedback, and awards to find which can best suit your company’s needs. If you need more support, tell us about your project, and we’ll match you with recommended companies. Together we have a global workforce of more than 110,000 people across 1,300 sites and more than 170 countries, delivering responsive logistics solutions for our customers. Above we have offered information on the top U.S. and Worldwide Third-Party Logistics providers. For more information on these suppliers, or to make Uss-Express a shortlist with your own specifications, we invite you to visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform, which features over800 3PL suppliers. Postmates connects their customers with on-demand food delivery from a variety of restaurants in their area, connecting diners to a network of drivers and restaurants in every state across the country. Looking to continue investing in robotics and automation, customer service and visibility, improving the digital freight marketplace and the area of data science.

Worldwide Logistics has been incredible to work with over the past year or so! Day-to-day everyone is very accessible, management has a clear direction for the quality of service expected in the industry, and there is no stone left unturned in getting us a solution that works. WWL management team is hands on, has a proactive approach, and readily available to insure exception situations are quickly attended and swiftly brought to resolution. They focus on customer service and their traffic department keeps us in the loop. I have relied on them many times for delivery on short notice and they have always been able to meet our needs."

They must carefully manage and coordinate a large number of people, technology and transportation to ensure merchants and customers receive their goods on time and in good condition. Both your company and the end customer will benefit from real time data and live tracking. When you choose a logistics provider, make sure that they are equipped to provide you with easy access to real-time data about the location and status of your shipments. Once there, the products or materials will then be distributed to satellite facilities, shipped to other regions or delivered to end-point customers. Logistics companies also offer comprehensive analytics to improve delivery times and company efficiency. International 3PL always strives to offer new and innovative solutions targeted at improving productivity and helping companies reach their goals. As one of the best logistics companies for many years we have partnered with different professionals to offer value added services to the logistics industries.

  • We provide flexible warehousing and distribution services at competitive prices that fit a wide variety of customer needs.
  • At XPO Logistics, we use advanced technology to create capacity for shippers and to outperform for everyone.
  • We offer a competitive and quick service which includes our air express, high priority delivery, and value services.
  • While these top logistics companies are all based in the USA, they provide global logistics solutions for companies of all sizes.
  • We cover more states than any other Pool Distribution Carrier in the US, serving the logistics requirements of companies that need to move goods or inventory to or from various cities across the country.

If you are an ecommerce business owner,order fulfillmentis an integral part of your operations. As your business grows, you may find that fulfilling customer orders in-house isno longer feasible. We’ll do the work for you – finding and connecting you with service providers that meet your exact requirements. AllPoints organized and prepared promotional products for a basketball team’s marketing division. Commodity Forwarders Inc. was hired by a food distributor for their third-party logistics and shipment consolidation services. They’re also tasked with providing QA work to keep the quality of their shipments up to standards. DVL Express Inc helped the permit company’s client transport their oversized cargo.

Quantum Transport Solutions

Industrie Reply is a reply group company based in Chicago and founded in 1996. With over 1000 employees, they offer CRM consulting, logistics and supply chain consulting, and warehousing and distribution solutions to various Uss-Express clients. Fulfillment company Sweetwater Logistics is based in Indian Trail, North Carolina. They offer fulfillment, warehousing & distribution, and logistics & supply chain consulting and were founded in 2009.

US logistics companies

In partnership with top manufacturing and distribution companies, we ensure timely delivery of the products that make modern life possible. El Segundo, Calif.-based 3PL Central is a warehouse management systems leader that recently shared data indicating unprecedented growth in Uss-Express order volume from 3PLs supporting e-commerce since the lockdown. Analyzing proprietary data from its customer base, the provider has seen an 81% increase in order volume over the same time last year and the highest order volumes per 3PL ever—on par with Black Friday in 2019.

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In short, 3PL applies to any service that involves the storage or shipment of goods. In the sections below, this article will provide information on both U.S.-based and global 3PL companies. A logistics company is a third-party fulfillment company, often called a 3PL, that provides solutions for every stage of supply chain management. A logistics company helps businesses organize the movement, delivery and warehousing of products or materials. A logistics company has a team of experts that understand the complexities of supply chain management to improve efficiency and delivery of goods.

Our Freight Logistics Company Team

As an experienced Reno logistics and trucking company, we understand the value of relationships and work tirelessly to maintain and grow our customer relationships. Good freight logistics trucking companies in Reno/Sparks, NV specialize in the movement or forwarding of freight and cargo between shippers and receivers. The object of a freight logistics company is to guarantee the perfect shipment via lane, timing, and rate which is possible through our top-notch freight brokerage services. Our Reno Freight Logistics Company and dedicated trucking fleet provide expert support in logistics and transportation management, so you can have your shipments delivered faster and at a lower cost.

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It’s important to find a fulfillment company that you trust to handle your inventory, provide a positive customer experience, maintain high customer satisfaction, and ultimately help you grow your business. As we’ll cover in the next section, 3PL warehouse location can make or break your ability to deliver on customer expectations by storing inventory closer to your shipping destination. Working with the right 3PLcan help you offer 2-day shippingto your customers at an affordable price. Launched in 1985, the company is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Quiet 3PF serves as the fulfillment and logistics provider of a holiday apparel brand. DB Schenker leads the warehousing and transportation efforts of a meat production company. They consolidate products in their warehouse and produce purchase orders before distributing the items to supermarkets.

Finding the right fit for logistics solutions can improve efficiency, increase company growth and customer satisfaction. We cover more states than any other Pool Distribution Carrier in the US, serving the logistics requirements of companies that need to move goods or inventory to or from various cities across the country. We offer one of the most comprehensive networks for Pool/Regional Distribution and Direct-to-Store services to companies needing to move inventory to commercial locations in cities large and small.

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