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However, the clerk was informed by the company doing the bus shelter that there needs to be 1.2m clear for pedestrians on a pavement, so if cars are not leaving this gap, then it is clearly obstruction. The clerk urged all councillors to spread the word for people to report this obstruction to the police as well as the council and hopefully some action may be taken. Sunlight Textile Services has recently installed a range of Anti Syphon devices for trucks and vans supplied by aide automotive ltd. Transport manager Brian Taylor stated “the devices have now all been installed to our fleet of 18 vehicles at the Ashton Under Lyne Manchester depot. The kits arrived on time as agreed and were well packed”.

  • For major workshop repairs, we can also offer a collection and delivery service.
  • The company has introduced a unique livery on one of its fleets trailers to raise awareness about the importance of checking tyre pressure.
  • The two leases for car park and playing field have been returned and signed by Gwynedd Council.
  • However in a busy work environment a large proportion of companies don’t get round to doing everything they should to avoid committing offences under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.
  • The Clerk has spoken with Chris Meakin to be informed that the Gasworks project has been widely acknowledged as best practice and was commended accordingly.

Fuel theft from commercial vehicles is a common problem over the festive period, because vehicles are left idle while firms close down for the Christmas Break. This makes them a lucrative scammed by xcritical target for thieves looking to syphon fuel from the vehicles. CPA placed an enquiry with aide automotive to consider purchasing a diagnostic tool to complete plug in’s in house.

StartRescue publish statistics that show terrible road conditions following the bad weather

With these guidelines in mind, it’s also important to note that a 60/40 tax treatment is typically more advantageous for people in higher income brackets. Investors that trade futures or options pay the full long-term capital gains rate (or 20% on 60% of the gains or losses) as well as the maximum short-term capital gains rate . The 1256 contracts that makeup forex futures and options will be taxed according to the 60/40 policy.

  • Cllr Owen noted that there were issues regarding the occasional gremlin with regard the pay by card pilot ticket machine in the main car park.
  • Tom ‘Trefeddian’ Jones is to clear the Neuadd dyfi car park of mud and turf this Thursday.
  • The vast majority of spot forex traders are subject to IRC Section 988 taxation.
  • Some manufactuers have installed such valves on vehciles manufactuered from 2009 but due to anti syphon devices being fitted, the legislation has been by passed.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring will be a compulsory feature of any new car from 2012. European legislation states that new cars will be fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems . With many modern vehicles already being fitted with them it’s surprising that more people aren’t using tyre pressure monitors on their vehicles. The importance of monitoring tyre pressure has been promoted by Eddie Stobart in a unique way! The company has introduced a unique livery on one of its fleets trailers to raise awareness about the importance of checking tyre pressure. Further more in the BrakeCheck TT kit aide automotive include an Infra Red Thermometer.

RouteSafe helps companies comply with Health and Safety Laws

He also noted that, to his knowledge, all public toilets lose money and that caution must be taken. Cllr O’Reilly suggested that we discuss other councils’ experience of running public toilets. With fuel prices on the increase in the third quarter of 2008, so is the rate of thefts from commercial vehicles. A number of cases over the last year highlight the serious impact of this problem for many companies across the country. Aide automotive’s MULTI coverage truck, trailer and car diagnostic tools for all independent workshops is capable of interrogating the majority of systems on a large number of vehicle brands/models.

  • He informed the Council that Gwynedd Council are obliged to put a screen on lights if they cause a problem.
  • Now they’re releasing a new product aimed at motorbike owners, PressurePro Motor Cycle Monitor.
  • The Clerk informed the meeting that the suppliers Leander Architectural are to advise on a possible renovation of the shelter.
  • It has been suggested by Meilir Hughes that Aberdyfi Community Council might buy the 20 acre site, currently owned by Gwynedd Council, alongside the railway to the old gas works.
  • Cllr Bradbury-Willis also noted that some of the public waste bins have been used for non-household waste and the matter needs watching.

Other benefits from a BlackVue Camera are “Mic Recordings”, each Camera has the option of Mic On or Off. Within Bus and coach operations drivers could be assaulted or accused of bad language, with the BlackVue the evidence is there. In addition to the depot facilities, many of our customers utilise the on-site trailer service facilities. TruckEast have 8 dedicated service vans, which visit customer premises throughout Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

Bowmonk Brake Tester

That means the driver will assimilate any danger much faster and react far more quickly. Any that do not have the equipment fitted with the safety equipment may be issued with a £50 fixed penalty notice and operators could face a maximum fine of £1,000 at a Magistrates’ court. London has become the first city in Britain to fine the drivers of HGVs not fitted with equipment to protect cyclists.


Clerk has spoken to Gail Jones, public liaison officer for Griffiths, who are doing the work and was told that the disruption to traffic will only happen at the beginning and end of the project. The Clerk reported that she has been having some major issues with the computer again and as it is now 7 years old, she would like to buy a new one. It was noted that nothing urgent needs done as a result of the report, though it was agreed to arrange for the weeds to be cleared. The Chair reported that the recent consultation for the cycle path received over 800 signatures for our cycle path, compared to just over 200 for any of the others under consideration.

CVS – Online Drugstore, Pharmacy, Prescriptions & Health Information

Liverpudlians were the worst offenders, with over fifty percent of cars checked being driven with under-inflated tyres. Insurers have seen a dramatic increase in claims for mis fuelling in the last few years and are looking to solve the problem and reduce claims. Thatcham reviewed and tested the Diesel Key to offer a solution to customers who drive diesel cars. The Diesel Key replaces the existing filler cap and, once fitted, prevents you from putting the wrong fuel into a diesel filler neck. Diesel Key the revolutionary mis fuelling device for diesel vehicles has received an ultimate accreditation of a Thatcham approval. In all this bad weather maintaining vehicles is essential to ensure that everything is in working order.

She highlighted the area of safe loading, awareness of which she said had been high in the Western traffic area for some time thanks to the Remote Enforcement Office pilot. “I am appalled by the number of operators who have not even checked whether their inspection sheets are up to date by reference to DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness. The Electronic Braking System Susie or the ISO is essential for the trailers Electronic Braking System to operate correctly. FORS provides a quality xcritical and performance benchmark for van, lorry, mini-bus, coach and bus operators and allows access to a range of exclusive accreditation benefits. Lightweight and portable, the EBS /ABS CV Sensor Tester comes supplied with two 1.6m high quality cables, a sturdy carry case, short introductory printed manual, and a single 9V battery – everything, in fact, needed to use it straight out of the box. The EBS/ABS ‘Suzie’ connection provides electrical and data feeds to the trailer’s ECU or ‘brain’.


The Clerk has requested a meeting with NRW on site – still awaiting a response. All objectors were invited to attend a meeting on March 1st in the Council Office to discuss the matter. Alternative ideas were to be examined and Will Stockford has been requested to submit more detailed proposals/plans. Cllr Owen, as Chair, also noted that Gwynedd were very positive at how Aberdyfi community conducted itself at the Harbour meetings.

Trailer Brake Testing, Find Out How!

Aide automotive offer an on site installation service, installing at your convenience to avoid down time, Heat Shot can be installed and ready to go for the winter. Faster, clearer vision for all domestic and commercial drivers improves motoring safety. Dramatically reduced idling time for screen clearing also delivers greater operating efficiency and fuel savings. As more and more companies find that BrakeCheck is the solution to carry out regular vehicle brake tests to meet the DVSA vehicle maintenance guidance, the Belfast Taxi Coach Company has offered praise and response to their purchase. In a customer case study, Serco chose the Commercial Vehicle PC system for its fleet of around 70 waste collection vehicles.

Cllr Richards agreed with the One Voice Wales standpoint and Cllr Lloyd noted that this was the first time that the issue had been brought to the forefront. In the interests of transparency and impartiality, he also felt that One Voice Wales recommendation should be adopted in this instant and also for the future – councillors should not be employed to carry out paid work for the council. Cllr James Bradbury-Willis understood the position and also agreed it was an appropriate way forward. Cllr David Owens felt that the matter being discussed at his time was an opportunity to set the ground rules for the future.

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