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delivery from US to Europe

The 70 years of iconic automotive history is felt throughout your entire visit. From the Porsche Museum to the factory tour, this experience provides enough reason to want to take delivery at our main production plant in Zuffenhausen. If you are a first-time international shipper and not yet familiar with general shipping procedure on LCL ocean freight shipping to Europe to the U.S., then this link should help you. Our international and Europe shipping is very affordable and, if you consolidate packages, you can get prices 80% cheaper than other places. Select from a variety of international services that provide delivery to more than 180 countries. Shipping to Poland with AEC, the parcel will reach the destination point quicker because all our international packages go through our warehouse in Poland. The way shipping is handled can make or break an eCommerce business.

delivery from US to Europe

In most European countries, the import tax is similar to the Value-Added Tax and there is a minimum value before the tax is collected. When you send a package to Europe from the US you will need to complete a customs declaration giving a detailed description of the items you’re shipping. This will be taken care of during the Parcel Monkey booking process, but it is your responsibility to ensure the information you provide is accurate.


Learn how to ship internationally without missing a step. Our case studies show you proven tactics for shipping worldwide from Easyship users who did it right. Today, many customers have come to expect free or cheap shipping. HARIO Europe was established in 2015 as a local subsidiary to better serve our beloved customers in Europe. You will receive a confirmation and track & trace code via email once your order has been shipped. Elivery delays can occur occasionally (especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, actual delivery can take a few more extra days). Joe Webster began his journey in the auto transport field by attending the University of Southern California , where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Marketing.

delivery from US to Europe

For some destinations, a full container may be the best option as there are not very many consolidations that way. Our most popular service is consolidated container shipping. This is because it is the most cost effective way to ship your goods. For this service, your goods are grouped together with others moving to the same area. You only need to pay for the space you use, which makes it cost effective if you don’t need a full container. The products are still subjects to shipping restrictions, country restrictions and size restrictions, but we can provide you with a custom quote for most of the products.

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Since 1977, Schumacher Cargo Logistics have handled cargo shipments to locations all over the Europe with the best service. Our company can help you ship to Europe from anywhere in the United States. FEDEX, UPS and DHL may prepay the tax and duty for the recipient for fast, to the door delivery, when they do, they will charge an administrative fee for this service. For USPS , if customs tax/duty is charged, the recipient may need to pay this at the local post office and collect the shipment there. If you have customs questions regarding your shipment, please contact your local customs office. Customs import tax and duty will be paid by the Buyer when the item arrives in the destination country.

  • We provide warehousing, packing, crating, trucking and loading services out of our own warehouses here in the USA – Los Angeles, Houston, Savannah, Miami, New York, and New Jersey.
  • Europeans are shopping more online since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, ordering 2.7 products more than usual, on average.
  • Our main options are 20 and 40 foot containers that hold 1000 and 2000 cubic feet respectively.
  • Additionally, you must get documentation for shipping a car from the West coast before the international car shipping company can ship your vehicle.
  • This occurs when car shipping is done via boat and the car in question is driven onto the ship versus being loaded onto a container, which is then loaded onto the ship.

Sign up for a free Easyship account now and take advantage of our shipping tools to turbocharge shipping to Europe. Liaising with the best couriers and landing the best shipping deals is a must-do to ensure successful shipping to Europe.

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If you’re only shipping a small number of international packages, USPS is one the most affordable options. However, if you plan to ship a large volume of goods to international customers, a uss express shipping combination of freight and local carriers may be cheaper in the long run. Import duty threshold is the amount at which a business begins paying taxes based on the declared value of an item.

That’s why you will need to declare the value and the contents of your package each time you ship a parcel overseas. Proper packaging is crucial if you want your items to reach the destination point in a good condition. It especially applies when you’re sending packages overseas due to more complex transit procedures and extended shipping times.

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Plus, many European consumers are now willing to pay for shipping and even accept longer wait times, assuming you’re offering them something they can’t get anywhere else. The first step to ensuring international shipping success is to have a strategy in place. From what and how you’ll ship, to where and at what cost, giving these factors some thought and research will better prepare is uss express legit you to grow your business around the world. When you buy your shipping labels through Shopify Shipping, you’ll be provided with the necessary customs documentation needed to fulfill international shipments. With these three figures in place, you’ll have a sense of pricing for international shipping. It’ll also help you determine which shipments may cost more than others.

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Your shipping cost may be impacted by fuel surcharges, duties and taxes, and other factors like such. Use the free duty and tax calculator from Easyship to view accurate import costs for any shipment to anywhere. Easyship is committed to simplifying international shipping to Europe with over 250 fast and cost-effective courier services. Using Easyship to ship parcels to Europe connects eCommerce merchants to the best-discounted shipping rates, helping to cut costs and widen profit margins.

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